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About Me


About Me

I am Andrea Davis, owner, CEO, & founder of T'Monique Collection LLC where we are changing the lives of others, one at a time. Bringing back confidence to ones who may have lost it along the way due to many different causes of hair loss is where her heart and passion are the most. At one time, this too was my story which is why my passion and heart goes beyond the limits to help others overcome the same fears and struggles with hair loss that I too once faced. I believe in bringing the best of the best in quality products for everyone, from toddlers all the way to adults. The vision that was given to me by God has changed the lives of others, one at a time who suffered with hair loss. My products are made from all natural herbs and oils and it's safe to use on all ages, from babies all the way up to adults. Check out the testimonials, stories, and pictures of lives that have changed, one at a time by my God-given talent that I am forever grateful for. I also have several e-books that have been released which include inspirational and vendor lists. Stay tuned for my new book that will be released and hitting shelves later this year and much more !

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Our History


Our Past


Present Plans


Future Plans

The very beginning of where it all started. Overcoming fears of being in a very competitive industry where others offer the same product as we do but what I had to realize is their brand is not my brand and that everyone is unique and stand out in some way. 

To continue changing lives, one at a time and bringing the best of the best products and services on a day to day basis which include in the making an entire hair care line and our very first book of many on hair health.

Reaching and changing the lives of millions and continue bringing them the best of the best in hair care skin care, and beauty. Traveling and speaking to all on how I overcame my fears and stood boldly, fighting against hair loss. It is my goal to educate all in this area that I was lacking in and did not understand until I began to research.

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